2nd Workshop on Disruptive Memory Systems

in Austin, Texas, USA

In conjunction with SOSP'24


New system software is mandatory to make effective use of emerging memory technologies. These novel memory types are disruptive as they shatter our decades-old assumptions about the interface between hard- and software. Instead of volatile, passive and largely homogeneous main memory, current systems support non-volatile main memory, hybrid architectures combine classic memory modules with high-bandwidth memory, and disaggregated memory is no longer connected to the processor via the memory bus. Intensive research is also underway with approaches utilizing in-memory and near-memory computing that abandon the traditional von Neumann architecture and enable large numbers of parallel operations with the enormous potential for gains in performance and energy efficiency.

These ongoing innovations in main memory technology promise various improvements for all computer systems, such as lower energy consumption, higher processing power, improved reliability, and simplifications and thus cost reductions. The Workshop on Disruptive Memory Systems (DIMES) is intended to be a platform to discuss new visions, abstractions, and interfaces for system software to exploit the opportunities of novel memory technologies in existing and future software. We target to discuss aspects for all types of system software in the various different computing domains (e.g., embedded, mobile, desktop, edge, cloud, and HPC).

Suggested Topics

Suggested topics for submissions include all aspects of system software that are affected by emerging memory technologies like

in embedded, mobile, desktop/laptop, edge, cloud, and HPC systems, and related domains.

The topics include, but are not limited to:

We encourage authors to submit papers on concepts, early-stage work, and demos of prototype systems.

Important Dates

Paper/demo submission deadline: August 9, 2024
Acceptance notification: September 16, 2024
Final camera-ready paper due: October 4, 2024
Workshop presentations: November 3, 2024

Workshop Program


Venue and Registration

DIMES'24 is co-located with SOSP'24 and registrations will be handled on their website.